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Choose where you want to request customer feedback with a FREE remaark™ survey.

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You’ll receive on-site assessment, insight into customer attitude, and ideas from the remaark™ community.

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Drive loyalty by rewarding customers for their thoughts.
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Receive on-site feedback directly from your customers’ mobile phones. Grant them unique rewards to drive repeat visits.

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Where will I see remaark?
Here's a scenario: You go to your favorite local coffee shop and as you're getting ready to pay, you see this near the cash register:

Free cup of java sounds good, that is, if it’s actually a few quick questions. You're a maverick, so you check it out, opening your preferred QR code scanning app (we like Scan, for iOS and for Android) and scan the code.

Where does the remaark QR code take me?
Upon scanning, you’ll be directed to the business’ standard remaark survey. It’s five easy questions and an optional comment. By providing your feedback during the experience it helps improve communication between you and the business. And the more you communicate with each other, the better customer experience gets.

After the survey, a few things happen instantly behind the scenes, starting with an update of the location’s remaarkScore, but we’ll get into that a little later.

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